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We have lots of exciting rewards at VPJS. These aim to promote confidence, competency, motivation and help pupils to develop growth mind-sets. These include:

Golden Tickets are awarded by adults for children who go over and beyond achieving any of the school’s values. They are small tokens. Children write their names on the back of the token and enter them in a raffle each week, with other members of their class. There is a grand draw from the remaining tickets every half term for the whole school.

Achievers of the Week Assembly is where two or three children are nominated by an adult or another child as “Achiever of the Week”. There is a focus for every week and the adult will explain the pupils’ achievement. Children receive a pencil, Headteacher’s award certificate and sticker.

Postcards Home can be sent for lots of different reasons including for work and for the children demonstrating our values and learner attitudes.

Marbles in the Jar are a class reward. Any adult can award a class a marble in the jar. When a class earns 10 marbles, they can choose to do an activity for that amount of time.

Effort Points are awarded for the amount of effort a child has put into their work. Class teachers will decide how these are collected within their own classroom.

Sharing work with other teachers, the senior leaders and headteacher.

Adults may use certificates to reward individuals for specific behaviour or achievement. Adults also use stickers and stamps to ensure that children are encouraged to try their best.